Pendo (Janet)

Little Janet

Pendo(Janet) intake photo, 2009.

DOB June 10, 2006

Came under Tumaini care early 2009.

Little sister to Francis and Joseph, Janet has no parents and lives with her Bibi (grandmother) who is blind in one eye and handicapped in her left arm which makes it almost impossible for her to work and support her three grandchildren.  Discovering the conditions under which Janet, her brothers, and grandmother live caused my first tears in Tanzania.  They share a two room mud and log hut with a dirt floor and a pieced together roof.

Janet is one of our most malnourished children, second only to her brother Joseph.  Her physical with Dr. Lyimo revealed not only a need for deworming, but also that her weight was just 11kg. or 24.25 lbs. and that was after I’d been feeding her for four weeks.  She should have weighed closer to 16 kg. or 35.27 lbs.  Her growth is stunted as a result of her malnourishment but we hope that with continued care and good nutrition in the future, we will counter the effects of her early starvation.

This little girl is one of the sweetest children you could meet.  Cheerful, warm she consistently competed with the other little ones to be the child standing (or sitting upon) closest to me.  She is very quick to take your hand, offer a smile and sit blissfully upon your lap.

Janet has never coloured or drawn a picture or played with a doll.  She has never printed her name.  All of this we intend to change at Tumaini House.