Harriri intake photo, 2009.

DOB December 12, 2005

Came under Tumaini care early 2009.

Harriri is lovingly supported by Chase Hunter and Brea MacGregor!  Asante!!

What can I tell you about this little man!  He is the “character” of the bunch!!  Just look at his photos!  Harriri is captured ideally in his pictures.  He is quirky and funny and very endearing.  Younger brother to Athuman, Anna, and Gaspar and older brother to Liadi, and Nasma, Harriri lost his father in 2008 and Mama died in 2011 when she was murdered in a domestic dispute.  Harriri is the third youngest of eight children, seven of whom came under Tumaini’s care after their mother’s death.

Harriri, one of our first children, moved into Tumaini house in 2010 and quickly won the hearts of volunteers, staff and the other children.   Fiercely competitive he plays “hard”, yet fairly; is extremely responsible (for a little man) and takes his studies seriously.

Very soft spoken, animated and silly, Harriri is quick to play, joke or pull a “gag” but equally quick to point out an injustice or inequity.  Life for Harriri must have its’ checks and balances and things went askew for him after his mother’s death.

Harriri sometimes struggles with his grief which manifests in him initially becoming somber and then “usually” acting out in some minor fashion to draw attention to his need and pain.  We have spent hours cuddling in private while he sobs his eyes out at his loss, often asking, “Why did God take my mommy?”